Imagine a locket necklace that is a harmonious blend of simplicity and love! Because love is simple, offer this unique, customizable, and handmade piece!

Choose the color and letters and let us do the rest...

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Immortalize a photograph

Keep your love near of your heart with this perfect Locket Necklace: A photo that tells a thousand stories, a letter that echoes feelings!

Every detail of this necklace is a chapter of life, a memory that remains eternal!

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The person behind the brand


I'm Ana, I'm 33 years old, and I'm Portuguese.

I'm a mother of two and completely passionate about them, art, and jewelry! :)

With the determination to bring together the best of these three worlds, I brought Nicca to life in 2021.

Since then, I decide have been dedicated to this project and to creating handmade pieces with a unique artistic touch.

Here, my passion for art and jewelry comes together to create truly exceptional pieces.
My mission is to offer unique pieces that tell stories and capture precious moments full of love!

By choosing to support Nicca, you are not only helping a small brand born from a mother for other mothers but also enabling to experience moments of love when gift my pieces!

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